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This image catches attention immediately. I was simply browsing and saw it and had to look at it.

The amount of detail is exquisite.

The living lizard's face next to the illuminated lizard's face is a brilliant juxtaposition.

The illuminated manuscript is very well executed. I love the details you have included, including the initial T and the scrollwork.

The book appears to be in a modern binding. If the image you were going for is a modern reproduction of a work, you have definitely been successful.

The number of illuminations indicate an unusually expensive book. (And books were ALWAYS expensive.) Even the Book of Kells, which is extremely decorated, did not have such a large number of different images on a page.

It appears that "is" and "bends" uses a descending s. The descending s was not a terminal letter. It was used at the beginning and in the middle of words.
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DrDavisTCE Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
The terminal s looks just like ours. The initial and medial s was the long, f looking letter.

I just looked at the image again and I am still stunned. It is magnificent.
alarie-tano Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wow thanks a lot for your wonderful critique!

The book is based on a 16th century book I could get my hands on. It could be that it was re-bound in more modern days. I have no informations on that. So I was not going for that look, I just had no clue ;)

Same is true for the number of illuminations and the 's'. It's great to hear the opinion of a true expert! Out of interest: what would the terminating 's' look like?

Thanks a gain for your critique! It's greatly appreciated. :)
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